Why You Don't Always Need Tests to Treat Menopause

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Understanding Menopause Symptoms

Are you experiencing menopause symptoms like severe hot flashes, weight gain, or insomnia? Wondering if hormone testing is the solution for better relief? Hormone tests for menopause can be an expensive barrier to care. At DiscovHER Health in Alexandria, Virginia, we understand the complexities of menopause and the quest for effective treatment, offering Personalized Treatment for better understanding of menopause in Alexandria and all of Virginia.

Insights from NAMS on Hormone Tests for Menopause

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) recently released a comprehensive 2022 position statement regarding Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT). According to their findings, while hormone therapy can be highly effective in alleviating bothersome symptoms, there’s no specific recommendation for routine hormone testing.

TR's Hormone Therapy Journey

Take the case of TR, a 51-year-old experiencing severe vasomotor symptoms (VMS) for a year now. Initially finding relief with a .05 mg estradiol patch and 100 mg micronized progesterone, TR noticed her hot flashes returning. 

Seeking a solution, she asked our nurse practitioner to check her hormones for potential dosing adjustments.

Importance of Individualized Dosing

NAMS’ latest statement emphasizes that dosing adjustments for MHT should primarily focus on individual symptom resolution, not solely based on lab results. Our approach at DiscovHER Health aligns with this, aiming for personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique symptoms and needs, providing Personalized Treatment in Alexandria and Virginia.

The Challenge of "Normal Range"

It is important to understand that the hormone therapy doses typically prescribed often cause blood concentration levels to fall within the “normal range”. Though labs may be normal, individual variations in responses highlight the importance of individualized dosing for symptom relief. For TR, increasing her estradiol patch to .075 mg or  was effective as reported at her follow up visit.

Progesterone and Uterine Protection

It’s essential to note that the 100 mg progesterone orally serves as uterine protection for varying estrogen doses and thus did not require immediate adjustment. The client and provider also opted to not send for expensive lab testing. 

DiscovHER Health's Personalized Treatment in Alexandria and Virginia

At DiscovHER Health, our focus remains on personalized care, tailored to your symptoms and preferences. If you’re experiencing menopause symptoms like TR and are seeking relief, our team is here to discuss personalized treatment options that prioritize your well-being and symptom relief. Don’t let expensive hormone tests be a barrier to quality care and understanding menopause.

Embarking on Personalized Menopause Relief - Understanding Menopause

Experience relief from menopausal symptoms tailored to your needs at DiscovHER Health in Alexandria, Virginia. Contact us to schedule a consultation and begin your journey toward understanding menopause and personalized relief today.

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