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“A discharge is a fluid released from a hollow space, like the vagina.”

What is Vaginal Discharge?

The vagina is a tube 8- 12 cm (4-6 inches) long. It opens at the lips of the vulva and is closed at the inner end by the cervix (the opening of the uterus or womb). Wetness in the vagina is produced by mucus from the cervix, glands of the vulvar vestibule, and the vaginal walls. Many different bacteria, yeasts and parasites (microscopic forms of life, or ‘bugs’) live normally in the vagina without causing symptoms. The vagina is usually acidic because the normal bacteria produce lactic acid. Normal bacteria help the vagina protect itself from the kinds of bacteria that cause disease. Candida (yeast) can live in the vagina in low numbers without causing any symptoms.

Some health issues affect changes in vaginal discharge. For example, pregnancy is associated with an increase in normal discharge. Some changes in the immune system (the body’s ability to protect itself), such as diabetes, pregnancy, HIV infection, and the use of antibiotics, can upset the normal bacteria.

Symptoms associated with Vaginal Discharge

Normal Discharge

A woman may notice changes in the amount of discharge throughout the menstrual cycle; this is normal, and is due to the changing levels of hormones. Many women notice an increase around the time of ovulation. Normal discharge does not cause itching, but it may cause discomfort if the woman feels wet all the time.

Abnormal Discharge

Abnormal discharge is caused by a variety of infections and inflammation.

The correct diagnosis cannot be made by just looking at the discharge. Infections are diagnosed by taking appropriate samples; this usually involves taking swabs from the vagina or cervix, urine samples or other diagnostic tests.

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