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Most people with painful sex & vulvar pain may not know where the vestibule is unless they have seen vulvar expert who explain vulvar anatomy. Importantly, the vestibule is anatomically different from the rest of the vulva and vagina.

What is Hormonally Mediated Vestibulodynia?

Vestibulodynia is a subset of vulvodynia. Pain at the vaginal opening but not the labia or hair bearing sections of the vulva is a sign of vestibulodynia. The vulvar vestibule is the area that includes the urethra, skenes glands, and Bartholin glands. Pain in the anterior (top) of the vestibule is often found in vestibulodynia cases caused by decreased levels of hormones. Pain at the posterior (bottom) of the vestibule is often found in vestibulodynia caused by hypertonic (tight) pelvic floor muscles.

Topical estradiol and testosterone hormone gel can be made at a specialty pharmacy to help treat hormonally mediated vestibulodynia. The gel should be applied to the vestibule twice daily for at least 12 weeks. Other options include prasterone inserted in the vagina nightly.

Causes of Hormonally Mediated Vestibulodynia

Oral contraceptive use
Perimenopause and menopuase
Genetics and hormones
Allergies and Damage or irritation of the nerves of the vulva

Treatments for Vestibulodynia options include removing the culprit, applying a topical hormone cream to the vestibule, and treating associated symptoms like pelvic muscle pain.

Q-Tip Test

A q-tip test (also called a cotton swab test) is done to diagnose vulvodynia. No speculum is required!

Your health care provider may feel that other tests are necessary; these could include swabs to rule out infections or a biopsy to exclude skin conditions.

Learn More About the Q-Tip/ Cotton Swab Test

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